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公园、公众场地 & 休闲服务


斯伯丁县公园, Public Grounds and 休闲服务 offers multiple options for pavilion and facility rentals for your next special event!



在网上租一个亭子 点击这里.  For more information on rentals please call 公园、公众场地 and 休闲服务 at (770) 467-4750.

Spalding County park pavilions are available to rent for the following two time periods: 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm.  To see pictures of the pavilions 点击这里

AMBUCS公园亭子 (四张野餐桌)
$40.00 for half day rental or $70.全天租金100英镑

邓迪湖公园亭 #1 (8张野餐桌)
$60.00 for half day rental or $100.全天租金100英镑

邓迪湖公园亭 #2 (110年能力)
Monday – Thursday: $250 for all day rental
Friday: $3全天租金100英镑
Saturday/Sunday: $4全天租金100英镑

Large Pavilion (8张野餐桌)
$75.00 for half day rental or $130.全天租金100英镑

Small Pavilion (四张野餐桌)
$50.00 for half day rental or $90.全天租金100英镑

Wyomia Tyus公园亭子 (16 picnic tables at each pavilion)
Two large pavilions to choose from, Pavilion #1 or Pavilion #2 (Lake side).
10月至2月:60美元.00 for half day rental or $100.00美元全天
三月至九月:100美元.00 for half day rental or $180.00美元全天

Julian Jones Park (Orchard Hill) Pavilions
For information on the Orchard Hill City Hall picnic area please call the City of Orchard Hill on Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm and Thursdays from 12pm to 4pm only at (770) 228-3411.

斯伯丁县公园, Public Grounds & 休闲服务 is responsible for renting the three pavilions on the back side of the park. 费率是:

$60 for half day rental or $100美元全天

$50 for half day rental or $90 for all day

For information on the 阳光公园亭子, please call the City of Sunnyside at (770) 227-7660.


Facility rooms are available for rent during and after business hours.  All reservations are handled on a Cash/Credit only basis.  When making plans for your special event please consider the time needed for set up and clean up within the reserved hours. Make your reservation today by contacting 斯伯丁县公园, Public Grounds and 休闲服务.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm or call (770) 467-4750

City Park Community Center Rentals:

City Park Community Center offers community room use on Saturdays from 12 pm to 4:30 pm. This is made available as a community service for one-time uses such as birthday parties, 婴儿淋浴, 会议, 等.
Large and Small Community Rooms – $85 and a $35 refundable deposit.

Fairmont Park Community Center Rentals

Fairmont  Community Center offers community room used for 4-hour blocks for a minimal reservation fee on weekdays.  This is made available as a community service for one-time uses such as birthday parties, 婴儿淋浴, 会议等.

Large Community Room – $100 and a $50 refundable deposit. 







Rentals During Non-Business Hours
Limited by staff availability.
All non-business hour reservations require a $100.00可退还押金. 
体育馆- $75.00 /小时
The Large Community Room is available for a 6 hour rental for $250 during the following times. Add additional hours for $50 each.


Wednesday, Friday: 6 PM – 12 AM (no availability for extra hours)



Whether you’re looking for an intimate venue or a larger space for a grand event, the Spalding County Senior Center offers a beautiful 宴会厅 and a contemporary 会议室 available for lease.  


Accommodating a seating capacity of up to 175, the 宴会厅 provides the perfect setting for your reception, 宴会, 商务会议, 或者特殊事件.  

Complete 宴会厅 Rental Rates 

Saturday/Sunday Availability: 10am-12am 

7-Hour Rental: $700 Rental Fee + $300 Security Deposit 

14-Hour Rental: $1000 Rental Fee + $300 Security Deposit 

Partial 宴会厅 Rental Rates  

Monday-Thursday Availability: 4pm-12am 

7-Hour Rental: $700 Rental Fee + $300 Deposit 

  • Tables, chairs, and setup included. 
  • Special Event Insurance required. 
  • 如果提供酒精饮料, the lessee is responsible for hiring a Licensed GA Alcohol Beverage Caterer to obtain proper event permitting through the City of Griffin.  
  • Security is required for all events serving alcohol. The lessee is responsible for paying the security officer $40 per hour.   


Accommodating a seating capacity of 40, the 会议室 offers a comfortable space to host your next meeting, 车间, 或培训.  

Monday-Friday Availability: 8am – 5pm  



  • Audio – Visual Equipment included. 
  • 包括可定制的设置. 

Please contact the Spalding County Senior Center at 770-467-4385 for additional information.